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Get detailed statistics

SDLTRACE is a general tracing and logging facility for applications running on the IBM® z/OS® mainframe computer system. The connection between the user's COBOL program and SDLTRACE is through a simple CALL-interface specifying the desired action together with a number of options.

In trace mode a record is created for each variable that changes in value, a label that is passed, a section or paragraph that is entered, etc. The generated trace records are written to sequential datasets which are allocated automatically as needed. The result is a complete picture of what the module did during execution.

In log mode the user specifies the data to be logged together with various options depending on user requirements. The generated log records are written to sequential datasets which are allocated automatically as needed just as in trace mode. The datasets on the various images of a complex system are then merged and consolidated into a common depository for detailed analysis and research.

The main feature of SDLTRACE is the speed of execution so that logging can be used in any production environment without hardly any impact on performance. In addition the system is very easy to set up and its use is extremely simple since almost all actions required by the user are automated. All modules of SDLTRACE run in problem state and there is no need for any Operating System service to be installed nor is there any authorization required for any program or library.

A description of the system can be found in the SDLTRACE Cobol Reference (PDF).

There is a complete set of examples together with sample code provided in the distribution package. It may be used to get aquainted with the operation and the various features of the system. The detailed documentation is in SDLTRACE Cobol User Guide (PDF).

In addition to SDLTRACE, which is the central recording engine for all trace and log actions, there are two support programs for the log facility: SDLMERGE and SDLSTATS. Since logging may be active on numerous different system images in a production environment it is necessary to combine all generated log datasets into a central repository on a single system. This function is performed by SDLMERGE described in SDLMERGE Reference (PDF).

Once the log data has been consolidated into a single database (consisting of an ordered set of sequential datasets) it may be searched, analyzed and used as a source to get various selected statistics. The program that provides this function is SDLSTATS described in SDLSTATS Reference (PDF).

The installation of SDLTRACE into the TSO account of the z/OS user consists of allocating the necessary datasets, extracting the programs from the distribution file, linking the object modules and setting the default parameters in the user's ISPF terminal profile. All steps are automated as far as possible so that the installation can be completed within five to ten minutes at most. The procedure to follow is contained on one page in the Installation Guide (PDF).

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Don't run aground (0C4)

Don't hit the rocks (0C7)

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Navigate the treacherous COBOL seas
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Get the DEMO Version now free of charge.
The SDLTRACE system is licensed in three Versions:
The DEMO Version is identical to the complete product, except that the number of trace or logging records created with every job execution is limited. Otherwise there is no difference or restriction. The system may be evaluated as long as necessary and the number of jobs scheduled for tests is unlimited. By downloading the DEMO Version you agree to the terms and conditions in the DEMO License agreement (PDF).

The DEMO Version is free of charge and can be downloaded here:

             Go to download the DEMO Version.

The PERSONAL Version is intended for use exclusively by one person, be it as employee, system architect, independant programmer, contractor, consultant, etc., for use on any z/OS system. It is a powerful tool to be added to the COBOL professional's personal toolkit, immediately available whenever and wherever needed. The terms and conditions for use are contained in the PERSONAL License agreement (PDF).

There is a one time fee of 145,00 US$ for an unlimited use of the PERSONAL Version of SDLTRACE.

To get the product please go to PERSONAL License.

The CORPORATE Version is designed to be used only on a dedicated system complex whose total installed MIPS is the basis for calculating the one-time license fee. The MIPS ranges and the corresponding fees are:

max 500 MIPS 4.950 US$ 500 Mips License
max 1.000 MIPS 8.900 US$ 1.000 Mips License
max 2.000 MIPS 15.950 US$ 2.000 Mips License
max 5.000 MIPS 34.500 US$ 5.000 Mips License
max 10.000 MIPS 59.800 US$ 10.000 Mips License
max 20.000 MIPS  98.000 US$   20.000 Mips License

A license may be cancelled at any time by giving notice to the seller from whom the product was obtained.
The terms and conditions for use are detailed in the CORPORATE License agreement (PDF).


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