Get the 20000-MIPS Version and related documentation

For use on a mainframe with 20000 MIPS installed maximum capacity

The SDLTRACE system consists of many modules of code and associated data. For distribution they have all been combined in one file together with a bootstrap REXX program which extracts them and then installs the entire system in datasets on z/OS under the user's TSO user-ID. To get this file just: Get 20000-MIPS Version.

By ordering the CORPORATE Version you agree to the terms and conditions in the CORPORATE Version License agreement (PDF).

Once the installation file is downloaded it must be transferred to the z/OS system where SDLTRACE is to be used. Detailed information on how to proceed and what to do when the file is in the user's TSO account is contained in the Installation Guide. To get a copy please: Download Installation Guide (PDF).

The documentation consists of four manuals:

  1. The COBOL Reference describes SDLTRACE with all its features.

  2. The COBOL User Guide explains these features in detail together with many examples.

  3. The SDLMERGE Reference is needed to set up the applications that use the logging facility.

  4. The SDLSTATS Reference describes the statistics that can be generated using the logged data.







The manuals may be downloaded individually here:

Download SDLTRACE Cobol Reference (PDF).

Download SDLTRACE Cobol User Guide (PDF).

Download SDLMERGE Reference (PDF).

Download SDLSTATS Reference (PDF).

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